Big savings on Yea accommodation

Book accommodation direct with Yea Springs and save!

When you book accommodation directly with the property owner, instead of going through third party platforms like Stayz, Airbnb,, etc., you usually (and should) get a much better deal.

That’s because the overseas-owned booking platforms charge you extra fees (up to 20% more!), just for the rather minor task of taking and holding your money! It’s really giving them money for nothing and, worst still, most of it goes overseas and out of our economy.

Of course, not all property owners are set up to handle direct payments as they actually prefer to not deal directly with you, the paying customer! Some owners really don’t care how much you pay and don’t want to talk to you anyway – so why book their property in the first place?

The answer to all that is simple. When you find a property you’d like to book, instead of going ahead and booking via the platform, just

Do a Google search of the property’s name

If they’ve got a website it’s bound to show up giving you a way of contacting them directly by either email or phone. From there it’s just a simple matter of asking for a better deal than what is offerred on Stayz or Airbnb.

And if they haven’t got a website or they won’t give you a better deal …? Then don’t bother, just find someone else who does and will !

Or visit the Yea Springs website.

Big savings on Yea accommodation
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