Yea Springs Accommodation is now also on Stayz

But you’ll get a better deal if you book direct!

While our Yea Springs website often ranks quite highly in Google search results for accommodation in Yea, third party websites like Airbnb, Stayz & etc, always rank higher due to the amount of traffic they attract and how much they pay Google for priority rankings.

For that reason, we have little choice but to also list our accommodation on those platforms, as that’s how most people book these days … even though it costs you (the customer) more, due to the fees that the platforms add to the price. A lot more!

Yea accommodation is much cheaper if you book direct with the property owner – here’s how:

The one we’ve chosen to go with is Stayz as it seems more user friendly, however, to give you an idea of the difference between booking directly with us or via Stayz, a 3-night booking at Yea Springs for 2 people costs:

  • Direct booking: $160 per night x 3 = Total of $480
  • Via Stayz: $181 per night x 3 = Total of $543

That’s an extra $63 that Stayz keeps. It does not pass the extra onto us, it is a fee they charge you for doing little more than putting you in touch with us.

And it gets worse the longer you stay. For example, a 5 night direct booking for 2 people at Yea Springs attracts a reduced rate and totals $700. But as Stayz does not (and cannot) discount for any stay under 7 nights, you will end up paying them a whopping $900 for the same booking – i.e. $200 more than if you had booked direct!

So if you want to make a booking for accommodation in Yea you can either go to Stayz here.

Or you can go to the Yea Springs website home page here.

It’s your choice! Cheers.

Yea Springs Accommodation is now also on Stayz
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