How to find holiday accommodation in Yea, Victoria … and save money!

Avoid the booking platforms

When looking up places like Yea for accommodation online through Google or other search engines it will almost certainly pay you to look beyond the obvious booking platforms that nearly always come up first and, instead, enquire directly with the property owner.

That’s because the booking agencies like A__Bnb and St__z add well over 15% to the actual accommodation charge with their booking and service fees. And sometimes it’s up to 30% more. They also charge the property owner a commission on top of all that!

Finding the property owner’s website and booking direct with them instead of through the online platforms can not only save you a lot of money, it will also give you more peace of mind and certainty that you actually have a booking.

It’s certainly worth scrolling through the listings that come up on Google, even if it means going to the 2nd page, or to page 3, 4 or 5 … and beyond. It doesn’t take long.

But there’s more to it than just finding the owner’s website and clicking on “book now”. First of all, our advice is that you:

Avoid using any instant booking forms

When you find the owner’s website they might have their own “book now” button where you can actually book online … but using that could be a big mistake too and could result in extra charges. Often the owner’s “book now” button takes you to a 3rd party booking platform who will add their own service and booking fees meaning you’re no better off – in fact you’re worse off and have just wasted your time finding the website, as well as your money. It’s always best to:

Make direct contact with the property owner BEFORE you book

Contacting the owner by email to enquire about availability and price and waiting for a reply may seem old-fashioned and slow, but it could be worth the wait. Alternatively, you could always phone them up and get an instant answer if you don’t want to wait for the reply to your email – although most good operators will respond to an email fairly quickly. An email enquiry also gives you a written record of the details so no mistakes get made.

Whether you make contact by email or phone, we strongly recommend that you:

Make your booking directly with the owner

Most property owners are set up to accept credit card payments or online bank deposits meaning you’ll avoid being slugged with the third party extra charges of 15% +++.

And there’s always the chance of saving even more by asking for a discount, as the owner is not having to pay commission to the third party booking platform. It’s worth asking, especially if you’re booking a longer stay. “Everything’s negotiable”, as the saying goes.

At the very least, by booking direct with the owner you’ll save the extra charges that are always incurred when you book via a 3rd party. And IMPORTANTLY, you can be absolutely certain that your booking is fully confirmed and secure.

And, on the subject of holiday accommodation in Yea, check out the Yea Springs website here.

How to find holiday accommodation in Yea, Victoria … and save money!
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