How to get great discounts for accommodation at Yea Springs

Stay longer, pay less … a lot less!

Our standard price for one couple staying for just two nights is $170 per night, which we believe is very reasonable considering the standard of accommodation provided.

But stay longer than two nights and we’ll substantially reduce the nightly price for you – including for the first two nights, not just the extra ones – potentially saving you up to hundreds of dollars.

Stay 3 nights and we’ll bring the price down by $10 per night, saving you $30.

Stay 4 nights and we’ll bring it down a further $10 per night, saving you a total of $80.

And stay 5 nights and, yes, it comes down another $10 per night – right down to just $140 per night

… saving you a huge $150+ off the standard rate!

But there’s more. If you want to stay a week or longer, we’re even more negotiable than that! Just ask and we’ll do the best we can.

Try getting rates and discounts like these for places booked via Airbnb, Stayz, and the like! You can’t, because they are just not set up to handle it.

These online booking agents also add (and keep) their own service and booking fees, which usually adds another 12 – 15% on top of what you are charged.

And if that’s not enough already, they then go and charge the owner a commission. When you book through Airbnb, Stayz and the like you usually end up paying up to 20% more than you should.

However, as we can accept direct bookings (and don’t pay commissions), we can offer you these substantial savings that our competitors can’t. Or won’t.

All the more reason to ‘Book Direct and Save

How to get great discounts for accommodation at Yea Springs
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