Accommodation in Yea is now a whole lot better …

Yea Springs is here!

Bringing a new standard to Yea – at surprisingly affordable prices

Modern & contemporary … with old fashioned prices

Just because you’re staying in a rustic/rural setting like Yea & surrounds doesn’t mean you have to rough it with 2nd rate accommodation. Not any more.

Introducing Yea Springs, a virtual oasis on 4 acres offering you all the comforts you expect accommodation to be in the year 2020/21.

Rural location, great views and close to everything

While Yea Springs is in a peaceful rural setting – enjoying wonderful views of the Goulburn River Valley & Strathbogie Ranges – it’s not quite ‘in the middle of nowhere’, as it also:

  • Is only 5 minutes drive to the Yea town centre
  • Has direct access to the Great Victorian (Cycling) Rail trail
  • Is central to all the major attractions like wineries, the Trawool Estate and the beautiful Highlands district
  • Is only 100 kms from Melbourne’s CBD

Making it the perfect weekend getaway for cycling, relaxing or sightseeing.

And great value too

Best of all, as Yea Springs can accept direct bookings, the price of our accommodation is far lower than you would expect to pay for most comparable properties.

So, call now (call Ray on 0439 551375) or:

Visit the Yea Springs website

Yea Springs Home Page

Yea Springs Prices

Yea Springs bookings and enquiries

Accommodation in Yea is now a whole lot better …
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